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Fight Fraud & Reduce Risk With NEW HIGH SECURITY SOLUTIONS

Most businesses don't expect they will be a victim of check fraud. But research indicates 66% of businesses experience actual or attempted payment fraud. Among businesses that did suffer a financial loss resulting from payment fraud in 2012, the typical loss was $20,300.1

Don’t let your customers become one of the statistics. Help protect them and their businesses with highly innovative, highly secure solutions from DFS.

From checks to pens and envelopes to stamps, we have the high-security tools your customers need to fight fraud and reduce risk.

High Security
Laser Top Checks

SDLT104 unlined
SDLT103 lined
High Security Laser
Middle Checks

High Security Laser
3-On-A-Page Checks

SDLA105 unlined
SDLA104 lined
High Security
Laser Top Checks

High Security Laser
Middle Checks

Laser Check
Companion Envelopes

92663 self-seal
91663 gummed
Privacy Stamp
Security Bags
Security Pens